We hope that EVERY young professional – whether involved in a large corporation or a small business owner has the opportunity to access the benefits of PYVOT

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Cited from the PYVOT Bylaws. Article 1 – Membership

Section 1: Eligibility for membership 

Eligibility includes anyone who is emerging into his or her professional career and feels that PYVOT would benefit them. A suggested demographic for PYVOT includes falling within the ages of 21-40 and who live and/or work in the Central Connecticut Region.

Section 2: Membership dues 

All paid members of the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce may send their young professionals to PYVOT at “member” status. Non-members of the Chamber must pay a fee of $50/yearly to hold a membership status. This fee can be paid in full or in the form of a payment plan created with PYVOT Treasurer. 

Section 3: Benefits of Membership 

An acting member receives a discounted price for paid events. They have voting power for future elections and can take on leadership roles within the organization including executive board and chair positions, as well as committees. Members will also be offered first rights to events with an ‘attendance limit’. Note: Events without an ‘attendance limit’ are open invitation to non-members of PYVOT. If an event with an ‘attendance limit’ is not filled to capacity it will be offered to non-members on a first come first serve basis. Non-Members may still attend all PYVOT events.

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