PYVOT Does It Again


Professional Young Visionaries of Tomorrow (PYVOT) reached out to Bristol Mayor, Ken Cockayne, with the idea of PYVOT being a focus group for the City of Bristol. The vision was to discuss what is happening in Bristol, and get input from local young professionals looking to grow the city. Mutual agreed upon, the conversation was not to be political or a bash of the city, but to come up with ideas on how we can move the city forward.

Last night, a few PYVOT members had the honor of sitting down with Mayor Cockayne, and both parties left very enthusiastic about the future of Bristol.

The meeting was such a success that Mayor Cockayne has offered his time to have this type of meeting monthly or every 6 weeks, coordinated by PYVOT.

We look forward to future discussions with Mayor Cockayne, and continuing to give feedback and provide ideas for years to come.

To learn more about PYVOT, please check out our website,

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