Duck Race Tickets Available

Let’s get quacky with it!

Big news. PYVOT has teamed with the Forestville Village Association to sell tickets for annual epic duck race!

What the heck is a duck race, you ask?! It’s like a lotto, except more fun! Your ticket is actually a rubber duck that’s dumped into the Pequabuck River along with other rubber ducks, and if your lucky numbered ducky is among the first to cross the finish line you could win some big prizes like say $1,500 bucks, a sweet XBox One, or about 30 other items!

All you have to do is buy a ticket, and you’re in!

It only costs $5 per ticket and viola you’re entered to win! Purchase as many tickets as you’d like, give them to friends, family, spouses, grandkids. Give the gift of the winning golden ducky.

Your support means keeping the Forestville Village Association and all they do for Bristol strong, as well as supporting the Central CT Chambers, and not to mention your pals here at PYVOT get a small kickback to help continue developing a platform for the Professional Young Visionaries of Tomorrow. So whatdya say? Please share, spread the word!

If you’d like to buy tickets send us a private message and we’ll figure out a way to meetup and could provide you with our Venmo account for payment if that’s convenient too.

So get ‘em while we have them! It’s gonna be quacktacular!


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